A bubble bursting madness with free spins & 10,000 Jackpot: Bubble Craze slot.

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If you are tired of all the same kind of slots games that are on the market these days and want to try something totally different and out of the ordinary then the bubble craze slot game may just be the perfect game for you. If does not have reels in the traditional sense but instead has a system that still has similar functionality to traditional reels but fuses it with bubbles in strange shapes.

In this bubble craze slot review we will take a look at what makes the bubble craze slot machine game different from all the other popular slots games on the market and why it is a good game for any slots player to try out.

You can play bubble craze slots game online on your mobile device and the graphics and audio are of a very high standard and give the user a nice experience that will definitely give you a nice break from the same traditional style slots games while still giving you the enjoyment that you love from slots games.

Breaking down bubble craze slots into the same metrics with which you compare other slots games then bubble slots is a 9 reel game with a massive 50 pay lines. Using this metric, however, does not really give bubble craze slots the credit it deserves as a totally unique gaming experience.

Players can bet between 1p and 50p per pay line with a maximum bet of up to £25. This allows players to win a potential £250,000 which is, of course, an absolutely wonderful incentive to play this great slots game.

Due to there being so many pay lines in bubble craze slots it is very easy to have a winning spin and wins occur frequently so this is a great game for the casual player not looking for huge volatility and risk. The experience is so much fun though that it will appeal to the risk-takers too just because it is so fun to play and still allows users to chance to win that massive £250,000.

There are frequent occurrences of multipliers in the game too, all of which have colour and if you match the multipliers colour with that of the surrounding bubbles then your win has that multiplier applied to it, again increasing the chances for players to win a nice amount while playing bubble craze slots online.

Another feature offered is that of the transforming bubble, which will change all the surrounding bubbles to the same colour when it appears. It is even possible to get 2 or more transform bubbles on a single spin. When the transform bubble appears it guarantees that five or more bubbles of the same colour will be together and therefore you will have a win.

Bubble craze slots is a great slots game and a fun game for anyone that loves slots or loves bubble games alike. Having fun and winning prizes is what bubble craze slots is all about.

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