Microgaming’s progressive Jackpot game now on mobile.Mega Moolah slots.

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Playing Mega Moolah slots is to be transported to a cartoon Africa. A sort of Lion King meets Madagascar kind of experience, with cartoon animals romping around in a cartoon jungle.

And that’s not a bad thing!

I’m here to play games, and cartoons are just fine when you’re playing games as far as I’m concerned.

This is a serious business though; Mega Moolah Jackpot is reputed to be the world’s most popular slot game and has a progressive jackpot that clocks up at the top of your screen as you play, tempting you onwards, ever onwards into the jungle to try to scoop that huge pot.

And I do mean huge! While I was playing Mega Moolah slots today the amounts in the jackpot tickers were standing at over £5million, with three other smaller amounts clicking upwards.

The game itself is a straightforward enough : five reels with three windows showing for each reel, so a total of twenty-five lines in play.
The symbols are ten through ace, all showing up nicely against the brown background as they are big, bold and colorful. Three, four or five of these will give you a win of between 2 units (for two 10s) up to 150 for five Aces.

Then there are the animals. All the other symbols are given a friendly face in the shape of a water buffalo, an elephant, an antelope, a zebra, a giraffe and of course what jungle would be complete without a lion.

The prize values for these characters rises from 4 units for two water-buffalo and six for two elephants (the only two animals for which a pair will give you a win), through the bigger numbers and all the way up to 15,000 units for five lions! A unit is whatever you’re paying per line to play the game.
All the wins are paid left to right (you know, as someone who is left-handed, I hope one day to come across a game that plays the other way round – just saying), except for the scatter symbol, two or more of which will pay out wherever they land.

Speaking of the scatter symbol: this is represented by character without which no self-respecting jungle cartoon adventure would be complete: the mischievous monkey. In Mega Moolah slots this guy is a kind of witch doctor/shaman type of monkey. And I’m always happy to see him!

Pick up two monkey symbols, and as I’ve already said you’ll get a scatter prize; find yourself with three or more of these little fellows and you’ve triggered the free spin feature, which will give you fifteen free spins with all wins tripled in value. What’s more, you can re-trigger the feature if you get three monkeys or more again during your free spins. This can net you up to 225,000 times your single line bet, so good luck!

The lion is a wild card, and what’s more, a wild symbol doubles your win when it substitutes for another symbol. And then we come to the reason Mega Moolah is so popular and why so many people try this millionaire-maker progressive slot game:

While you are playing what is on the surface a fine but ultimately pretty unremarkable game, you’re also in with a chance to win one of four progressive jackpots by means of a randomly triggered bonus.

These progressive bonuses start with the ‘mini’, which has a starting value of 10 units; then you have the ‘minor’ which kicks off with 100, followed by the ‘major’ with a starting value of 10,000, and finally the Big Kahuna! The Mega Progressive, which starts…yes, STARTS at one million times your single line betting stake!

Getting my head out of the clouds for a moment, I should maybe just run through some of the basic features of this game, as I know that I’m not going to play a game that I don’t feel comfortable with – graphics, music, sound effects, animation and so on…no matter how big the jackpot might be, and I strongly suspect that there are many people like me who play for fun, and want a slot that runs as they prefer.

The game is quite simple, so runs smoothly. I play o either my iPad or my Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, and this game suits both these bits of kit perfectly.
The animations are smooth and clean. A win brings the screen to life, with giraffes winking and lions roaring and so forth; nothing wild except the back story, but again some nice touches.

Sounds: the reels spin with an authentic mechanical roll, just like in a casino. Wins are greeted by a variety of African themed musical chords and some animal noises. Again, there’s nothing to get excited about, but n=by the same token there’s nothing to offend anyone either.

My advice on the Mega Moolah slot? Try the millionaire-maker progressive slot game whenever you get a chance. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, it’s still fun, and that’s what it should all be about!

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