4096 ways to unleash the Rhino’s Rage in this WMS classic.

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Let’s get something straight right now: the Raging Rhino slot machine game is a thing of beauty. It’s got great artwork, lovely graphics, very fine animation and some neat features that will make you want to play…
And it’s a pretty big ‘but…’

I found it hard to bag a big win on this lovely game.

I played for a long time. I played Raging Rhino for longer than I expected to, or even really wanted to…then I played it again, for another extended period, and while I racked up a huge number of small wins, the pay-outs were pretty paltry, and I ran through my bank faster than any rhino – raging or otherwise – can run through a crowd of tourists on safari.

However, I felt it was my duty to give it one more try so I could give you some proper feedback, and because it’s such a lush looking game.

I entered into the fray, and played one hundred spins, from which I netted 28 wins and one special feature.
The wins were mostly quite small; actually…VERY small. Only 9 covered the cost of a single play, and, of these, eight were in the range of one and half to two times the cost of a single spin.
The feature, when it finally arrived, was much better news, paying around 35 times a single game stake. There’s a bonus guarantee that ensures you pick up at least ten times your stake if you don’t manage to find a win during your feature.

The bad news is that while this big win sustained me for a while, the game still ate my bank quicker than I thought possible.

It’s a six reel game, which gives the player 4,096 lines. Playing Raging Rhino online the maximum stake available was £12, with the minimum set at 40p, so a good range of bets to choose from. As usual, the play runs from left to right as you look at the screen, so you know pretty quickly if you’re onto a losing spin.

In the top right hand corner of the play board you’ll find a menu which allows you to set your bet, a paytable detailing what will win you what, options like sound on or off, the rules and an auto-spin that lets you set and forget for between five and one hundred spins.

Personally, I don’t ‘get’ auto-spin: it takes much of the pleasure of the game away for me, but if you are into that sort of thing, then it’s there for you – be my guest. If you do go for auto-spin though, you’ll miss out on some of the great graphics as it rushes headlong past a small win and only pauses for a bigger one for long enough to rack up the winnings.

The setting for the game is the African savannah, and the game board is awash with very nice images of African wildlife: gorilla, cheetah, crocodile and some weird badger-like thing that defies all my efforts to identify it (but then, I never did get my Scouts badge for identifying African wildlife) and the eponymous hero of the game: the Raging Rhino him (or her) self. You’ll also find a diamond, which is the key to the free spin special feature and a landscape which unsurprisingly shows an African type tree and a big sun.

That’s your wild card, and thank goodness for it, as without a wild card I doubt if I’d have lasted half as long as I did before running out of money. You’ll also find the nine through to ace to make up the reels. The wild card will stand in for anything on the board except the diamond; you need three of the real thing to trigger the special free spin feature.

Playing Raging Rhino slot machine online I was pleased (as I mentioned earlier) with the look of the game and the animations. This carries through to the graphics when you score a win: the winning symbols lift out of the board to show you what you’re getting paid out for, and after a few seconds the whole reel set drops back (or gets smaller I suppose – technically) to show another graphic letting you know what lines made up your win, what symbols and for how much.

I loved the effect when your win involves our eponymous hero the rhino: the symbol lifts, and then turns into an animated version charging (rampaging?) towards you. All very pretty and clever.

The soundtrack is generic African lift music, with a bit of finger-piano and a whole load of drums; the diamond crashes onto the board with a bit of a ‘rhino hitting cardboard boxes’ noise, and a win is greeted by some very plinky-plonky and very not African music.

All in all I found myself really wanting to like Raging Rhino. It worked well on my iPad and my phone; it had all the right ingredients to make it fun…it just lacked the willingness to give me a few more decent wins!

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