Do 100 paylines & a Colossal Reels feature bring enough wins? Spartacus slot mobile review.

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Do 100 paylines & a Colossal Reels feature bring enough wins? Spartacus slot mobile review.

The Spartacus slot game looked about as well-made as the Kirk Douglas version of Spartacus the Movie when I opened it on my iPad Air. Colourful, glossy and very, very pretty

I am Spartacus!
No! I am Spartacus!
Etc. etc.
If you don’t get that reference, then you should be ashamed of yourself and you need to go and Google the reference straight away, after which you can settle down and play the Spartacus slot game.

Bright colours and great artwork were however let down by some very poor animation effects, so the two game windows; the main reel set on the left – 5 columns featuring lions and gladiators with the odd helmet type thing thrown in, and another 5 column on the right, called the Colossal Reel set, which is…well…colossal, being almost the full height of the screen; jumped rather than rolling smoothly. I found this a distraction at first, but played through it to see if I could unravel the mysteries of this 100 line behemoth of a game.

I was playing the Spartacus slot game free online, as I was more intent on reviewing it than on winning my pocket money, but when you’re playing for real, (at least on the site I chose to visit) betting starts at 1p per 2 lines (2 lines = 1 bet) and heads skywards to a whopping £3.00 for 2 lines, giving a total stake per spin for all 100 lines of £150.00.

Me, I’m heading back to the less ethereal world of 2p a bet, and a game stake of £1.00

I’m not someone who likes to have the soundtrack playing when I’m battling with the slots, but in order to give you as broad a picture as possible I switched on the sounds, and after a bit of cheering – the game, not me – it settled down to a background of crowd noise, with a completely out of character tinkly tune when you hit lucky. This would sound more at home in Marioland in my opinion than in a Roman circus themed slot game.

I was alerted to something special happening when the sound of a dustbin being kicked popped up. This was to accompany a symbol of the Coliseum stopping on one of the reels. If you snag 3 or more of these dustbin noises…sorry…Coliseums…across both reels sets, then you are into big money territory, as this triggers free spins. When you hit the Spartacus slot bonus you get 8 spins at double your stake for three Coliseums; 12 free spins at 5 times your stake for four and 20 free spins at 20 times your stake for 5. A win can get quite tasty when it’s coming in at 20 times your stake, and free too!

There’s a Wild Card symbol to watch out for: Spartacus Gladiator of Rome written like a film title. This can make all the difference to your payout ratio. Additionally, if you fill a column on the left with the wild card, it fills the corresponding column on the right with the same thing, so it should net you some good wins. Sadly, in my time playing the game it didn’t…but it should!

By the time I’d wrestled with the dizzying spectacle of all those lines and reels for a while I stopped noticing the clunky animation and just waited for the Marioland music to tell me I had a win. (I’m lying. I turned off the sound as soon as I could). Sadly this happened all too rarely for my liking, and the wins I did get were mostly less than I had staked. In fact the biggest win I had on the Spartacus slot game during my session was 16 times my stake.

I’d heard a lot of good things about the Spartacus slot game though, so I wasn’t keen to let it go without giving it a fair chance to make me a happy man by showing me a few big wins.

Maybe some different technology would do the trick. I opened the site on my Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, and made my way to the game.

So now the animation was smoother, but I don’t know if that was the phone, the network or my fevered imagination. The soundtrack was no different, so I muted it again, and went back to playing in demo mode. For newcomers, that’s the way to play Spartacus slot free until you get the feel for it and decide to go for a real flutter.

Ten reels – 100 lines – a phone screen?
It was a little bit cramped in there, and the graphics weren’t being shown off to their best advantage the way they were on the iPad.

But of course that doesn’t affect gameplay, or indeed your chances of winning, soon I played, choosing a bigger stake this time.

I hit a few decent wins, mostly with the help of the wild card, but that Spartacus slot bonus was still proving elusive. Just one bonus of 8 spins and only one fairly modest win out of that.

I then went through a spell of some 45 or 50 spins with the only bright spots being two wins of half my stake each.

That was the killer blow. I’d given Spartacus a chance to show himself in a good light and he’d let me down. I have no doubt many people will love the Spartacus slot game, but those will be the people to whom he showed a little kindness. He showed me little more than some pretty pictures, and with all those slot games out there I somehow don’t think I’m going to be heading back to Rome anytime soon.

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