Double Money Burst & free spins in a 1024 winlines slot: Fire Queen.

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Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m just too old school to get the most from the Fire Queen slot machine, or maybe I’m just too stupid.

I opened the game on my iPad, and my first thought was “Oh good, something different”. However this turned quite quickly into words that probably have no place in a Fire Queen slot review, or any other review for that matter.

The opening screen of this game is certainly a bit different from the normal run of online slots. It has five columns, but these are broken down into two blocks of 4 symbols, one block over the other, on the left, then a six-row, three column set of reels on the right.

The rest of the screen is a moonlit room, with candles and suchlike scattered around, all looking very mysterious and vaguely Eastern.
There’s a title logo to the left of the reels, which alternates during play between Fire Queen and Double Money Burst. More of this later.

You also have a couple of boxes to the top of the screen offering you the choice of betting two lines or 100 lines. These both have drop-downs, with the left hand box allowing you to change your bet between 1 and 25 coins (or ‘units’ as I will refer to them in this review, hopefully to bring a little clarity to affairs).

Immediately to the left of the left hand reels there are blocks of colour. I still have no idea what these do. Let me have your number and when I find out I’ll call you.
Symbols are a variety of rings, bottles, flowers and a couple of items I can’t really identify, along with the customary ten through to ace to make up the reels.

The most important symbols though are a surly looking woman – presumably the eponymous Fire Queen herself – and an orange item that might be a crystal ball.
The Fire Queen is this game’s wild card, so we should be looking out for her; while the crystal ball triggers the feature, and which only appears on reels nine, ten and eleven.
Hang on…eleven reels?

Yes indeed, for the blocks of four on the left are, I discovered by looking at the paytable, which can be found via the menu tab on the top right of the playing screen, designated as one through to eight, with the three longer columns being nine ten and eleven.

Are you confused yet? I am, so if you’ve got the hang of it maybe you could drop me a line. So back to the game.

If you are lucky enough to find the sultry lady in either the top or the bottom block of left hand reels (stay with me…please) then she creates a little doppelganger in the other left hand block to double your chances of finding a win.
So far so good I suppose.

The lines are a bit harder to work out than most machines, but that’s OK since the game will tell you when you’ve won.

And what about the feature? I hear you cry.
Well, if you find yourself with three balls…

Allow me to rephrase that.

If you spin three crystal balls anywhere in the right hand three reels, you’ll trigger a free spin feature.

You can also trigger this feature by getting four matching symbols in either reels one to four or five to eight; these being the two boxes of four symbols on the left…do try to keep up! Or you can get four on the left and a crystal ball on the right and get a trigger pay of 100 times the total bet…I think.
Anyway, if you manage any of that you are:

treated to a free spin feature which might well give you a HUGE payout (maximum 250,000 units) and
luckier than me, as I played this game for a long time trying to unravel it so I could provide this review and never once did I trigger the feature.
On the more prosaic side of things: Fire Queen slot online has soundtrack that is all eerie chords and muted clicks and whirrs. It reminded me of a bad German techno band

I once saw at a gig in London. I switched it off.

The graphics are nothing to write home about. Nothing wrong with them, just nothing special either. As for the animation, I was profoundly unimpressed by this as by pretty much everything else about this game (can you tell?)

I played my bank out, and saw very few wins that even matched my stake, and nothing that would entice me to deposit more or to pay a return visit.
Truly I found this to be one of the least appealing slots I’ve played. However, I’m sure that there are slot enthusiasts who will disagree, and there will be people who have had great wins and love it to bits, but there are a lot of games out there, so I won’t be rushing back.

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