Join the battle of Cybertron with free spins & up to 10x multiplier: Transformers mobile slot.

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The transformers slots online game on mobile is the high action, high risk and reward sort of slots game that you would expect from a game that has been styled like the transformer franchise. How much risk you want to take in the game is totally dependent on the player in this fun slots game.

You can play the transformers slots free on many sites or you can opt to put some money on it and maybe win yourself some nice prizes! The transformers slot machine is certainly something you should try if you can. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time with a truly great experience.

Transformers slots is a 5 reel and 40 pay line online slots game for mobile with medium volatility. There are many ways players can play transformers slots so the house edge varies a lot depending on how the players play but it varies from3.53% to 7.39%.

The graphics of this game keep very consistent to the original cartoon’s graphics with a modern twist to keep the fans of the movies happy. As far as in game bonuses there are more than enough to keep any player happy.

A great feature of transformers slots online is that the reels cascade, so every time you have a winning line, the symbols in that line disappear and allow more symbols to cascade down to allow you to have more winning lines!

The wild symbols on this slots game can be a life saver! The game is reasonably volatile, so losing coins fast is very possibly then suddenly the wild symbol appears and you have a win! Perfect excitement to this game.

There is even mystery features that appear randomly throughout the game like a robot can appear and destroy some symbols allowing you to get some cascade without hitting a pay line. There is a great increase in excitement when it looks like you have not won anything on that spin and suddenly the robots smash a few symbols and you get some cascade to win.

If you get three bonus features anywhere on the reels the free spins where you will be able to choose your transformer and you will be then given a randomly selected multiplier based on that transformer. Having said this the free spins isn’t a feature you will be hitting regularly but when you do you can win some big prizes.

Depending on the transformer you choose with your free spin there are varying degrees of volatility. If you choose Megatron you get 5 free spins and an 8x to 10x multiplier, so you are getting a high risk high reward or you can go for just 15 free spins with a 2x o 4x multiplier. So whatever kind of player you are, from edge of the seat high action, fast and loose kind of player to a slow and steady kind of player the transformer slots machine will provide you what you want although it certainly offers more to the fast and loose kind of players.

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