Zeus 3 slot is the latest addition to the WMS sequel with 192 winning combinations.

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By the gods it is the Zeus 3 slot machine online! Be ready to roll the reels like thunder as you stir up a storm of wins with this fantastic game!

Boasting an original and exciting incremental reel arrangement, this is the third instalment in the marvellous Zeus slot series from WMS.

The Zeus sequence of slots from Williams Interactive is among the most loved games on the planet. Where to play Zeus 3 slot online? They not only get thousands of plays at the internet’s top casinos, but also are proven hits on the gaming floors of Las Vegas. One of their strongest selling points has to be the stacked symbols; stacked jackpot symbols on each reel lead to huge wins; hit a reel full of stacked jackpot signs to make the reel wild. Get three or more scatters to earn entry into the free spin round. These are just some of the cool features you’ll experience.

The Zeus 3 slot has it all when in relation to looks; the background is effective yet simple, utilising bright sky blue tones to curve out the action on the central game grid. The reels are designed as a thunderbolt coming down to earth and the symbols are among the best we’ve observed on any WMS slot.

Its stacked Zeus symbols are very smart; the beard of the stack’s upper symbols form the lower symbol’s hairline creating an effective look. WMS have pulled out all the stops to design Zeus 3 into a top quality audio production.

You almost acquire the perception that you’re sitting at the peak of Mount Olympus as the sound effects move round in the air, whistling in the wind! This may be a little disconcerting at first, especially if you’re sitting close to a window, as the effects are very realistic!

The reel spin noise possesses an arcade quality that’s more close to the traditional WMS titles; however this still functions well with the flying sonic maelstrom that hangs in the background.

The reel design in Zeus 3 slot is like nothing you’ve ever observed before; as you observe the reels from left to right you’ll observe that each subsequent reel possesses an additional stop space than the previous one. The initial reel has dual stop spaces, the second three spaces onwards up to the last reel, which possesses 6 stop spaces.

There are a whopping one hundred and ninety two pay lines drawn out across this grid, providing you a ton of winning chances because when you get attain your wins a unique meter fills up at the beginning of the grid indicating to you how many varying combinations you’ve hit.

The Jackpot symbols are put on all reels and in addition to the normal Acropolis Wild that appears in the main and bonus games, if you can halt in a full stack of Zeus symbols over any reel you’ll make that reel wild for the period of the spin. This may be especially helpful when it comes to attaining the huge combinations wins on the reels of Zeus 3.

As there’s such a huge winning potential in this game you’ll get that the pay table has been cut down accordingly and you’ll be required to hit huge multi-line combinations to win the maximum money from this game. As with all excellent slot machines of the moment Zeus 3 provides you a top quality bonus game to add to the action you’ll get on the reels of the main game.

Stop in the unique scatters on the reels to initiate the free spin round, three or more will begin this sub-game, with five scatters awarding the maximum fifty spins. These all happen on the standard reel set providing you a huge proportion of chances to hit those special over the board combos.

They say, “Lightning never strikes twice” well they haven’t played Zeus 3! What a game and a concept! This awesome slot machine from WMS possesses everything you could possibly desire in terms of wins and spins. There’s so much action originating from its special reel structure that is incredible; when you get those multiple combination/Jackpot symbols on a spin it’s a real buzz as you observe the incremental counter slowly stack up all your wins.

There are numerous chances to attain five and six sturdy combinations where the cash can turn into godlike proportions of money. How concerned should you become about getting your way into the Zeus 3 bonus round? Well, this is one of the most critical aspects of the game as it is obviously good to be able to play Zeus 3 slot online free, however don’t get confused with IGT bonus, which appear to always whack out wins. Free spin rounds are very volatile and may often leave you disappointed. Ensure that you’re ready to get a big win from the reels rather than be concerned about prolonging it into the bonus round.

Overall this is one of the best slots you’ll ever come across; I recommend you try it today.

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